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How to Dress Younger Sensibly

by Ankitaa GD

I bet you have seen many people dress up inappropriately just so they can look younger. But their sense of dressing younger usually backfires, making them look weird, or worse - desperate! If you want to look younger, you have to dress younger - I understand. So here are my tips on how to dress younger sensibly, without being ridiculed about your sense of dressing.

Less Cleavage

As we age, the skin on our chests is a dead giveaway of our age. So hide that cleavage! If you want to wear skimpy clothes in a bid to look younger and more adventurous, then choose clothes without any plunging necklines, or even deep v-necks.

Instead, go for plunging backs, one-shoulders, off-shoulders, and so on.. you get the gist, right?


Brighter Colors

No, you don't have to go Technicolor, or fluorescent to look younger. You just go in for a simple color analysis, and choose the bright colors from your own color season to look fabulous. Your color season will have the colors unique to suit your natural colorings - skin, eye and hair, and will help you camouflage the signs of aging on your skin like fine lines, dark spots, etc.
Use the color season to choose bright make up colors also.

Softer Fabrics

Don't choose fabrics which irritate your skin, in your clothes or your accessories. Skin gets more prone to sensitivity as you grow older, and it takes a longer period of time to heal from skin issues. So don't antagonize your skin with irritating fabrics like patent leather, scratchy cotton, etc.

Keep your skin calm, and you'll be able to enjoy your clothes and accessories even better.

Revamp Your Grooming

Keep your hairstyle updated. Long hair, medium or short, get a haircut every 2-3 months. And every time you visit the salon, be sure to ask your hairstylist new tips he/she can share with you to maintain your hair in good condition.

And if you wear glasses, make sure you update your eyeglass frames every 5-10 years. Your glasses should fit your face shape, and be comfortable to wear.

And finally, my last tip is - Wear clothes your size!

Check the fit of your clothes on your body. Get a body shape analysis done, if you have to. But wear clothes that fit your size and shape. You'll feel more comfortable with what you wear, and this comfort can boost your confidence to carry yourself around others much better, no matter what your age!

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