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How to Choose  a Hair Style

by Nikki Willhite

A good hair style is important for a lot of reasons. You want to look your best, and you want your hair to flatter your face. If you are frugal, you don't want to have to spend lot of money to keep up your hair style, either with extra visits to have it cut or buying special hair care products.


When you choose a haircut, you must consider the shape of your face. If your face is oval, any cut will do. However, if you have a distinctive facial shape, like a square, round or oval face, there are some limitations on which cuts will flatter your face.

There are other considerations for a good hair cut, such as the size of your head, your profile, and your type of hair. Finally you have to consider your personality. A hair cut should reflect your personality as much as your clothing.

Some people are just naturally gifted in choosing styles that flatter them. Other people need a little help. If you just don't feel comfortable with the way you look, consider a one-time trip to a hair stylist for some advice. A beauty college is a potential source for frugal advice.

Be sure and tell your hair stylist how much time you have to spend on your hair, and a little about your personality. For instance, if I were looking for a new hairstyle, I would tell them that I want a conservative cut, preferably shoulder length, that is easy to maintain. I don't want to do more than wash and blow my hair dry each day.

It is up to the hair stylist to determine your type of hair, your facial shape, and the harmony of your hair style to your body shape.

Hair becomes a lot easier to take care of when you work with and and not against it. When a woman finds a hair style she likes, she usually stays with it for along time. I don't think we should get obsessed with our appearance, but life is much more pleasant when we are comfortable in our own skin.

If our goal is simple and frugal living, a hair style that works for us can save us both time and money.

 About the Author: Nikki Willhite, mother of 3 and an interior design graduate, has been writing and publishing articles on the topic of frugal living for over a decade. Visit her at - where you will find hundreds of frugal living tips and articles. Frugal Happy Families- more than just money! 

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