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Saving Money on Window Blinds

Everything Doesn't Have to Match

by Nikki Willhite

zebra kitchen blinds

There are some windows that are just difficult to deal with when it comes to blinds or drapes. Some windows turn corners. Other have odd angles, like garden windows. Others are just oversized. Finding hardware for blinds or drapes to use with these windows can be problematic.

Our problem window was in the kitchen. Our kitchen window has odd angles. We didn't have to deal with it when we first moved in, as the previous owners had custom shades made for an inside mount of the three sections of the window. 

However, last year the strings of the large middle section broke. Now the window was a problem. My research on the Internet let me know I was not dealing with a standard size. It was going to be expensive to order a new, custom blind.

Instead of buying a pricey new blind, we decided to have the middle section restrung. That is a long story, but the bottom line is that I had the worst vendor experience of my life. The service was not rendered properly, and the billing was misrepresented.

We went ahead and paid for the repair and tried to at least be happy that the horrible vendor was out of our home. At least the blind was fixed...until 3 months later, when the string broke again. At this point, there was no way I was going to pay any more money on this blind. So it was back to the drawing board.

Here is what I want you to learn from this article. It wasn't until I started thinking with my Granny Decorating that I came up with a solution. Everything doesn't have to match!

I could leave the side blinds the way they were. All I had to do was to replace the center blind. I could mount the center blind on the outside, do I didn't have to have an exact measurement and I could make do with a ready made blind.

So, in peril that it would look too goofy, even for my Granny deco, I order a zebra blind online that I thought would work. It did. I saved money, and I liked it. One of the reasons I wanted a zebra blind was because they roll up with a chain. No more strings for me.

Think outside the box when it comes to your money and your decor. Things are more casual these days. Take advantage of that fact and save money.

About the Author: Nikki Willhite, mother of 3 and an interior design graduate,has been writing and publishing articles on the topic of frugal living for over a decade. Visit her at - where you will find hundreds of frugal living tips and articles. Frugal Happy Families- more than just money!


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