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Five Frugal Finds


Frugal Thrift Store Bargains


by Nikki Willhite


1.  Legos- Whether it is large legos (duplos) or regular legos, finding a sack of them at the thrift store is always a good buy. Legos are not frugal.   Per the manufacturer, Lego prices do not vary between stores, nor do they go on sale. So when you can find them used, it is a great frugal find.  Most kids love legos.  If you have grandchildren, you will want to watch for them.


2.  Christmas Decorations - Christmas items are usually available all year.  There are a variety of frugal Christmas decorations at thrift stores.  Whether you are looking to decorate your mantel, find a plate for cookies, or extra wrapping paper, you are sure to find frugal bargains. 


Last year we purchased a wall clock that plays a Christmas carol on the hour.  We never would have bought it at a retail store, but for a couple of dollars, no problem.  We love it, as it brings more holiday cheer into our home.


3.  Wood furniture- Need a coffee table, end table, headboard, or other piece of furniture for your home?  If you like the shape, pieces of wood furniture are always frugal and a great find.  A wooden piece of furniture can be striped, sanded and stained to look like new.  Or you can just paint it.


4.  Luggage - Used Luggage is a wise and frugal find.  Buy expensive new luggage, and you have a greater chance of theft when it leaves your hands.  Some airports are known for staff breaking into luggage.  We have been through luggage theft.  Make your luggage less of a target by purchasing frugal, plain looking used luggage


5.  Kitchenware - Need extra silverware, mugs, or plates?  Have fun setting an "Alice in Wonderland" table with the use of colorful unique plates and place settings.  Having a crowd for a casual sit around dinner?  Don't spend money on paper knifes and forks. It is more frugal to buy used forks and knives and use them over and over again.  Love to bake?  Find all sizes of dishes and pans at the thrift store.


We have made good use of our local thrift store.  It has served us well.  If you limit the number of used items in your home, you will find they seamlessly work into your décor.


About the Author: Nikki Willhite, mother of 3 and an interior design graduate, has been writing and publishing articles on the topic of frugal living for over a decade. Visit her at - where you will find hundreds of frugal living tips and articles. Frugal Happy Families- more than just money! 









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