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Tightwad Tidbits for Frugal Living  

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Aerosol Cans

aerosol can


Save money on products purchased in aerosol cans by turning the cans upside down when they are almost empty.  If you turn them upside down you will be able to get a little more spray out of them, making them more thrift friendly.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some frugal tips for aerosol cans:


- Avoid aerosol products when there is another option, such as a refillable spray bottle or hand pumped bottle.   Aerosol products are expensive, not good for the environment, and prone to breakage.
- Save the receipts for aerosol cans.  It is very common for them to stop working.  You can tell by their weight that they have product in them, but either the spray nozzle is broken, or something else has gone wrong.  If you have the receipt, you can take it back to the store where you purchased it and get your money back.





Tightwad Tidbits

piggy bank

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