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Tightwad Tidbits for Frugal Living  

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Aluminum Foil

aluminum foil

You can make those boxes of aluminum foil more frugal if you reuse your foil when possible.  Unless the foil has come into contact with meat, it is safe to wash it and let it dry. 


If you are going to make it a practice to reuse your foil, be sure you spend a few more cents, and buy a quality brand that will stand up to repeated washing.  You will save more money reusing it than by purchasing an inferior product.  Sometimes thrift means paying a little more at the beginning.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some of the many uses for aluminum foil:

- Use it for cooking and baking.
- Use it to keep food fresh in the refrigerator and freezer.
- Crumble it up and use it to clean chrome.
- Take advantage of the silver sparkle and use it for homemade Christmas ornaments.
- Use it to reflect radiator heat.
- Use it to cover cardboard and make space alien costumes for Halloween.







Tightwad Tidbits

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