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Appliances: Shopping


Always do your homework before you purchase a big ticket item like an appliance.  You can save a lot of money by choosing a product that has a good reputation for lasting a long time and needing minimal repairs.


Go to the library and check out Consumer Reports or look around on the Internet and read what people have to say about their purchases.  After you make your decision on which appliance you wish to purchase is the time to call around and start comparing prices.


Energy Star appliances are usually priced higher.  Be sure the amount of energy saved will justify the higher price.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here is some more information to help you purchase frugal appliances.


Get over the obsession with stainless steel appliances.  They are too difficult to keep clean.  If you like to cook, or have small children, you will spend an excessive amount of time keeping them clean and you will come to dislike them.  
People are so obsessed with stainless steel appliances they now get rid of perfectly good white or black ones just to have them.  You can pick up their rejected appliances for pennies on the dollar. 
We thought we were going to move, so when we replaced some very old appliances, we put in stainless steel.  I knew the problems, but I was concerned about resale value.  Turned out, we didn't move.  Speaking as an owner of stainless steel appliances, and  with a background in interior design, I can tell you that when I watch decorating shows, the only appliances that appeal to me are the white ones.








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