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Automobiles: Batteries

automobile battery


It is false economy to buy a cheap automobile battery.  A quality battery is more thrift friendly, as it will last longer.  If your battery is starting to give you problems, be sure and back your car into your driveway or garage so that it is easier to give it a jump start if needed.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some tips to make your car's battery more frugal.


- Summer heat is harder on your car's battery than the cold. Park in the shade.
- Clean corrosion off terminals with a wire brush.
- Keep battery connections tight to prevent power drainage.
- Drive at least 20 minutes twice a week to keep your alternator charged.
- Have your car battery tested twice a year.
- Disconnect your car battery if you don't plan on using your car for over 2 weeks.
- Learn how to change your own car battery.







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