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Automobiles: Theft

the club for automobile theft protection


Save money from the associated expenses of having your vehicle stolen by taking measures to lower the risk of theft.  Buy an anti-theft device to lock the steering wheel (the club), and always park in areas that are open and have good lighting.


Use parking lots in front of stores, as opposed to the back or sides.  It is also thrift friendly to spend a little extra money to keep your home porch light on at night to protect your vehicle.  You can't depend on a car alarm.  People tend to ignore them.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some additional frugal tips to deal with auto theft.


- Be mindful of what you keep in your vehicle.  Many auto thieves break into cars that are
parked at churches and shopping centers to find the home address of the owner.  Once
they know there may not be anyone at home, they go and rob their houses with this information.
- Lock your doors when driving, and keep the windows up if in an unfamiliar area.
- Carry a cell phone with you.  Don't ask strangers for help or information.
- If someone bumps into your car, call the police before you open the door.
- Beware of cars following you at night in remote areas that shine bright lights on you car to make you think they are the police and want you to pull over.








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