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Buying and Selling Cars

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Auto Auctions

Car Auctions 101, by Gregory Ashton.  Information about local and online car auctions.

Important Information on Repo Automobile Auctions, by Carl A Lee.  Tips on how to buy a good repossessed car at a repo car auction.

What Are Government Car Auctions And The Facts About Them, by Huzaili Aris.    Tips on buying an automobile at a government car auction.

Used Cars

10 Important Used Car Buying Tips, by David Louis Johnson  Some tips to help you when you go shopping for a used car.

Check That Used Car, by Gregory Ashton   The value of used cars and tips to check them out.

Buying a Vehicle

Buying A Car: Some Tips and Information, by Brian McQuirk    Helpful information for the car buying process.

Car Buying Tips: First Time- Rules to Follow, by Jeff Neilan   Advice for a teenager, or anyone else purchasing their first automobile.

How To Save Money Buying a Car - Four Things You Should Know, by Robin Segal  Everything you should do to get the best price possible buying a car from a dealership.

Save Money on Transportation, by Kyle Busch   Questions and answers on how to be frugal when buying a vehicle.

Misc Shopping Advice

5 Auto Scams You Absolutely Must Avoid, by Pete Lance   What to look out for when buying a new car.

Car Buying Tips For Women, by Levi Quinn   Some tips for women who don't like to shop for cars.

End of the Year Car Sale Savings, by Nikki Willhite   How to save money by purchasing cars at the end of the year.

Smart Car Stupidity, by Nikki Willhite   A commentary on the impracticality and safety issues of the smart car.

The Little Car That Could, by Nikki Willhite   The fear of buying a small car and how the small car turned out to be a great car.

Selling Your Car

How Much Is That Heap Worth? Easy Steps to Valuing Your Used Car, by Donald Harris   How to determine the value of your car.



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