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Babies: Food

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You will save a lot of money making your own baby food.  Not only will it be more frugal and thrift friendly, the food may also be healthier and taste better. 


It is not hard to do.  There are several mills which make quick work of pulverizing adult food for babies.  You can take a lot of the food that your family normally eats for dinner, and put it in the baby food mill, food processor or blender, and whip it into sauce.  You do need to be careful of the spices you put in baby  food.  Remove the food for the baby before you add the spices to your meal.


Once you prepare the baby food, put the amount you don't use into ice cube trays and freeze it.  Once frozen, remove the cubes and keep them in a freezer bag.  When your family is eating a meal not suitable to be made into baby food, you can take the cubes out of the freezer and heat them up in the microwave.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some more tips for making frugal baby food.


- Start with recipes made with just one food, like bananas or peas.
- Other good starter baby foods are ripe pears, potatoes, cooked squash, grated apples, and
egg yolks.
- Steam or boil food to soften, and then mash it.
- If you are going out and want to bring food, bring a banana or some cooked food in a baggie.
- If you are eating out, share a baked potato, cooked beans, or avocado.








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