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Baby Showers: Gifts

baby shower gift bag


Save money on baby shower gifts by using creativity instead of cash.  One idea is to make a thrift friendly scrapbook for the baby depicting what life was like when he/she was born.  Fill the scrapbook with articles and pictures of current events, fashion, technology, movies, singers, etc.  Leave spaces for mom to add her personal touches.  As the child ages he/she will find it interesting, and it may lead to a lifetime of scrapbooking. 


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are a couple frugal gift ideas for babies.


Time Gift Card

New mothers appreciate a few hours in the afternoon when they can get an undisturbed nap or get their hair cut.

New parents would appreciate an evening out for dinner.

It can also be hard for new moms to find the time to make dinner or treats like cookies. Give a new mom a few more hours by making up a casserole and some treats.

These gifts of time don't cost a lot, but contribute to the well-being of mom, and you can bet she appreciates them.


Baby Baskets

Suggested Gift Items


Food Mills
Clothing Toys
Wash Towels
Bath Toys

Make your basket look festive with blue, pink or other pastel colored ribbons and bows, cover basket with decorative paper if desired, and don't forget the card.







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