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 Beauty and Hair

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Hair Care Basics

10 Great Hair Care Tips, by Darla Di Grandi-Aguilera   Tips to have great looking hair.

Frugal Hair Care: Save Time and Money on Your Hair, by Nikki Willhite  How to save money on your hair with a good hair style and appropriate hair care products... more


Blow Drying

How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It, by David McEvoy    Instructions on how to blow dry your hair properly.


 Flat Irons

How to Straighten Your Hair, by Kristy Klien   How to use a hair flat iron to straighten your hair.



Are Expensive Haircuts Worth It? by Andy Grant    The difference between low priced hair cuts and expensive hair cuts.

How to Choose  a Hair Style: Frugal Simple Living Haircuts, by Nikki Willhite  What you need to know to choose a flattering hair style that works for your hair type and lifestyle.

Simple Living Haircuts  How to make taking care of your hair frugal and easier with a simple living cut.

Which Hair Style Suits You? Short, Long, Spiky, Sleek, The Bob,  Straight, Curly? by Sarah H   How to choose a hair style for your face.


Hair Loss

Better to Turn to Natural Remedies When it Comes to Hair Loss, by Benedict Smythe.  A few natural remedies to help control hair loss.


Hair Types

How to Treat Your Hair If it is Oily, by Louise Forrest    Hair care tips for oily hair.

Need Help For Dry Hair? by Ann McKee   Help for dry hair.





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