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Beauty and Skin Care

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Basic Skin Care

Frugal Skin Care, by Nikki Willhite   Things to do to have good skin and things that damage your skin.

Obtain Skin Beauty: Find Your Skin Type, by Suzanne Currie    How to determine your skin type and how to treat your type of skin.

Secrets Of Beautiful Skin Revealed, by Dee Smith     How to have beautiful skin.



8 Natural Home Remedies for Acne, by Sherry Ann Smith  How to treat acne at home with natural products.

Homemade Acne Treatments to Heal Your Sensitive Skin, by M. Rochelle   Natural remedies for acne, including daily skin care products.


Dry Skin

Dry Skin Treatment, by Nasrullah Mardani   How to take care of dry skin.

Homemade Pedicures  How to Give Yourself a Frugal and Time-Saving Pedicure at Home.

Relieving Dry, Cracked Skin in the Feet, by Bruce Lashley    How to deal with your feet when the skin is dry and cracked.


Homemade Skincare

Natural Skin Care Recipes for a Healthier and More Beautiful Skin, by Maria Luisa Andrew   Recipes include homemade facial mask, toner, moisturizer and body scrub.





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