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Canned Food

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Save money on canned food by removing and using all of the food that is in the can. You can use a rubber spatula to remove the food, but a can scraper will get all of it and is thrift friendly.


Another option is to remove both ends of the can, and push the food out of the can with one of the removed lids.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some other frugal ways to save money on canned food.


- Buy store brands.  They are often manufactured by the same company with the brand name.  They just have a different label.
- Check generic brands against brand names to see if they are comparable.
- Only buy canned goods with a coupon when they go on sale.
- Buy in bulk at stores like Costco.
- Check the dollar store for sales.
- Check store circulars for lost leader items, and stock up if canned food goes on sale.
- Buy items that are seasonal, like jellied cranberry sauce, when they are heavily discounted.








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