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Carpeting: Purchasing



Save money on carpeting by putting more money in the pad.  The carpeting will last longer with a better pad.  It is frugal and thrift friendly in the long run to buy the best pad you can afford.  The carpet will also feel much better under your feet.


You may be able to find a frugal carpet deal from a carpet installer.  If you are just doing a small room, sometimes they have remnants.


Move your furniture around a few times a year.  This will keep the carpet from becoming too worn under large pieces of furniture.  If you have very heavy legs, like with a piano, you should put casters under them to spread out the weight.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal carpet buying tips.


- When possible, buy a remnant.
- Purchase your carpet from a largewarehouse dealer during a sale.
- Purchase your carpet from an carpet mill outlet.
- Use less expensive, but more durable commercial carpet in basement family rooms,
hobby rooms, or where appropriate.








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