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Cereal Boxes

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Make your cereal more thrift friendly by recycling the cereal boxes when they are empty.  Use them for structure when wrapping gifts.  Or use empty cereal boxes to store magazines.  Cut away the top third on the side of the box, and then cover the box with contact paper if desired.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some frugal tips to recycle cereal boxes.

- Use the boxes to give structure to gifts like sweaters and other clothing.
- Turn cereal boxes inside out to make plain gift boxes.
- Use the cardboard to make gift cards.
- Use the cardboard to make small notebook covers.
- Cut them down as use them to organize items in drawers.
- Let your children play with them, like they would with building blocks.  Give children some empty gift wrap tubes and paper towel holders also and see how they play with them.
- Use them for hobbies, like making quilting templates.









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