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china plate with a blue pattern border


Save money on china by purchasing it at the thrift store.  Mix-and-Match different patterns and colors of china that can be purchased economically at the thrift store.  The secret to making your table beautiful is to use as many patterns and colors as possible.  This will give your table setting a unique personality. The mix of color and patterns will give it a unique beauty that you can't achieve using just one pattern.


Just be mindful of the style of china, and blend the pieces. Pick a general theme such as floral, geometric, Oriental, etc.  You can get away with blending unusual pieces if they have at least one other "friend" on the table.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips for buying China.

- A floral and geometric pattern with some of the same colors mix nicely.
- Shop on the Internet. Many people sell China and other pieces of tablewear online.
- Shop garage sales in addition to thrift stores.
- Don't be afraid to glue back together an occasional broken piece of China.








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