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Christmas: Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments


Save money on Christmas ornaments by making some creative and frugal homemade ornaments.  Anything small that glitters and sparkles looks great on a Christmas tree.

Pick up some tiny toys at a garage sale or thrift store, and spray them with metallic paint.  Attach a ribbon to them, and you have a charming, thrift friendly decorative ornament.

Children love personalized ornaments.  They are many ways to save money putting their names on ornaments.  Here are a few:

- Take the metal lid from an empty food can, and using an awl, punch their name on the lid.  Glue some ribbon around the edges, put a ribbon on it, and tie it to the tree. Or cover the metal lids with felt, and glue a small picture of them on top of the felt.

- Either using the monogram setting on your sewing machine, or a marking pen, write their name on ribbon, and attach it to ornaments or wrap it around the tree.

- Using pins and beads, write their names on cloth ornaments.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips for homemade Christmas ornaments.

- You can make many ornaments from clothespins, and they easily attach to the limbs
of a Christmas tree.
- You can make a lot of shiny ornaments from costume jewelry.
- Tiny toys make great ornaments, especially when sprayed with metallic paint.
- Old Christmas cards make great decorations.
- Frugal Christmas decorations can be made from salt dough.
- If you live in a wooded area, pine cones can be made into Christmas decorations.
- Paper chains, popcorn and yo-yos made from fabric made great garland.
- Lots of candy can be made into decorations, which can be as easy as hanging candy
canes from the tree.








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