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Christmas Trees

Christmas tree


You will save the most money on Christmas trees if you buy an artificial tree and use it year after year.  You can bring the smell of Christmas into your home with candles and other fragrance makers, as well as with live wreaths and boughs.


If you want a real Christmas tree, think about buying a live, potted tree. If you home needs landscaping, and you live in an area where pine, spruce or fir trees do well, it could be a source of thrift, and provide happy memories,  to buy a live tree, use it for Christmas, and then plant it in your yard.


If you happen to live near a college town, just wait until a few days before Christmas, and you will find them discarded and free, lining the streets.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money on Christmas trees:


- If you are going to buy a live tree, make sure it will do well  in your climate if you are
going to plant it outside after Christmas.
- Don't hang heavy ornaments on the outside of artificial Christmas tree limbs.  They are
not strong enough to support them and your branches will start sagging.
- Smaller trees cost less money.  Bigger is not always better.  You decorations will seem more numerous and you will need less lights with a smaller tree.







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