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Clothing: Children

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Children outgrow clothing quickly.  Anything you can do to make their clothing last longer will save money and is thrift conscious.  Smaller children don't care as much about their clothing, so it is easier to alter it and make it last.

Jumpers are great frugal clothing for small children because you can make them longer by just letting down the shoulder straps.  Hems on pants can be let down, or you can add additional fabric at the bottom of the legs.

The knees wear out quickly on pants.  Iron patches on them or sew them on.  If you iron them on, it is best to secure them with stitching.  If you don't want to put them on the outside of the garment, put them on the inside.  You can put them on new pants as a preventative measure.  Little girls often like to choose their own patches.  Keep several on hand.

If your children's clothing gets a spot on a garment at a place where you don't want to put a patch, if it is a light colored garment you may be able to disguise it with fabric paint.  Use a permanent marker, or paint brush,  and draw a design over the spot. 

You can also try a decorative appliqué.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to help with buying clothing for children.


- Keep your children's size with you at all time, including a tracing of their shoe size, so
that you can take advantages of sales when you see them.
- Buy lightly used clothing on ebay.
- Know your brands, so that you can easily recognize quality clothing.
- Never buy items your children don't like.They either won't wear them, or they will feel
uncomfortable with their peers.  Talk with your children about clothing, their likes and dislikes, so you will feel confident picking up items for them.








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