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Clothing: Knitted

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Save money on knitted clothing by reading the content of the fibers and washing it accordingly. If there is cotton or another natural fiber in your knitted item, you may not want to put it in the dryer.  Natural fibers shrink.  If there are no natural fibers, you should be safe.

After you wash a knitted sweater, lay it on a towel to dry. Knitted items should be stored flat to avoid stretching.

Knitted items are also more delicate than woven clothing items.  If you snag knits, they ravel. If that happens, you can try to mend your item by putting  an appliqué over it, or even a patch.  If the hole is just too large, and the yarn is of a heavier weight, think about unraveling the yarn and recycling it.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal advice for knitted garments.


- If you want knitted garments to last, they must be made from quality yarn.
- See through knit garments are not frugal as the yarn will tear and the garment unravel.
- All knit garments are more fragile than woven fabrics.  When you wear knitted pants, they will stretch and get baggy. 
- Knitted garments work best for sweaters and other items that don't received as much wear-and-tear.








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