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Clothing Storage

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A frugal, thrift conscious wardrobe is full of classic clothing that lasts for a long time.  Do not shorten the life span of your clothing by improper storage.  Most of the hangers that you see sold in the stores are now plastic.  This is because wire hangers distort clothing or rust, and the wood in wooden hangers deteriorates fiber.  If you want something more special, use fabric covered hangers.  They are expensive to purchase, but easy to make with just a little bit of batting and fabric.


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some more frugal tips to store clothing.

- Bathrobes and pajamas store well on hooks, which hold their weight better than a hanger.
- Jeans are best stored on shelves or in drawers because of their weight.
- T-shirts and other knit items should be stored folded flat so they won't stretch.
- Never store clothing in plastic bags or it may get moldy.  Fiber needs air circulation.








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