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Coffee Tables

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Save money on coffee tables by repurposing thrift friendly items.  Items like old benches can be refinished and serve as coffee tables.  Coffee tables can be very simple in design, and are a good choice for a homemade piece of furniture.

If you have children, ottomans work well because there are no hard edges.  You can lay a tray on them if you want to serve food. Trunks and large wicker baskets with lids are also kid friendly and can be frugal choices. 

If you are going to purchase a new table, look for one with storage underneath, either with drawers or baskets. 


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some other ideas to save money on coffee tables.


- Repurpose tall tables into coffee tables by cutting down the legs.
- Repair damaged table tops by applying tiles, vinyl, mirrors or just covering them with a cloth.
- Use a large ottoman or 2 small square ottomans for coffee tables.  Lay trays on them for serving food.
- Recycle and repurpose old drums or barrels.








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