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Car Color Trivia

by Marilyn Pokorney

The color of car a driver chooses reflects their personality and perhaps their favorite color.  But the choice of color in a vehicle can be much more important as well.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand  silver cars are 50 percent less likely to be involved in a crash resulting in a serious injury as compared to white cars.

The least safe colors are brown, black, and green according to Reuters. While, yellow, gray, red and blue cars ranked in the middle range. According to optometrists, red is the most difficult to see color.

Red is the most controversial of colors.  Many drivers claim that by driving a red car they get stopped less for speeding and have less accidents.  On the other hand, red car drivers complain that because they drive red cars they are stopped more often for speeding and are moving targets for accidents.

White is actually the easiest color to care for.  Half of the white car drivers claim that white cars don't look dirty as quick as colored cars, while the other half complain that they have to wash the car more often just to keep them looking clean.

Black, red and most other dark colors absorb more ultraviolet rays than light colored cars so they are more susceptible to sun damage.

At night white is the most visible and red is seen as black.

Owners of both red and black cars say the interior warms up faster than in other colored cars.  This is due to the absorption of heat rays from the sun.  Depending on season and locale this may be good or not so good.

Accident statistics show that gray cars are the most invisible in foggy conditions.

Lime yellow is best seen on cloudy days and in snowy winter conditions.

No matter what color the car is, keeping a car in excellent working order and keeping it clean are the most important for safety concerns.


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