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Should You Sew Your Clothing?  The Pro's and Con's of sewing your own clothing.


Pencil Skirt Versatility  Why every woman should own a pencil skirt and how to chose one.

Sweaters and the Frugal Wardrobe  How to make sweaters a frugal wardrobe staple.

The Versatile "Little Black Skirt"    Why having a black skirt is the foundation of a versatile. wardrobe.


Saving Money on Clothing and Textiles   How to recycle and repurpose linens and fabric in the household to save money. 

Storing Clothing

How to Organize a Closet   Frugal Closet Organization


Thermal Wear Warmth: Frugal Clothing for Less, by Nikki Willhite.  How thermal garments keep you warm, day and night.


Clothing Clearout. What to do with the clothing you discard from your closet.






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