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Decorating:  Children

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Save money decorating a child's room by using frugal accessories that are meaningful to your child.  Everything looks good in a frame.  Always save the artwork that they bring home from school.  Hang several pieces in a grouping and display it in their rooms.

If they have a hobby or special interest, put up a few posters to reflect it.  Try and display anything that they have made, created or worked on either in your house or in their rooms.  You can put up collections from hobbies, past or present, completed jig saw puzzles, with the pieces glued on a board and framed, mementos from vacations or other family outings, programs from school productions, and pictures of family, friends, and pets. It is their room.  Involve them in the process and let their rooms reflect their life.

Wallpaper border prints are also a great way to bring color and themes into a child's room.  Keep it at chair rail height so your child can see it.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to decorate for children.


- Color makes the biggest impact in most rooms.  Be sure and let your children choose
their own room color.  You can tone it down, but if they love one color, use a shade of it.
- Posters are inexpensive and let children display items that interest them.
- Be sure and have enough organizational items in your child's room so that they can
keep it clean.  Use boxes and hooks if need be, but make it easy for them to develop the habit of being tidy.








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