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There are a couple ways to save money at the dentist. First of all, be sure and see the dentist regularly and keep up with your teeth.  It costs less to fill a tooth than to have to have a crown or root canal.

If you don't have insurance, tell them, and ask for a discounted rate.  You should be able to pay the same price as those with insurance.

Second, think about having work done at a dental school.  No one likes to go to the dentist, and it may make you feel uncomfortable, but for the thrift conscious, it is a good way to save money.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips for the dentist.


- Never abuse your teeth by using them to rip open anything.
- Avoid items with sugar that stay in your mouth, like candy.
- After eating foods with sugar, always brush and floss afterwards.
- Keep dental soft pics with you to remove food during the day.
- Dental work is expensive.  Consider every procedure carefully, and be sure you know
the price. and if it is covered by insurance.
- Dental prices vary by dentist.  Check around and look for the best dentist you can find
that charges reasonable and standard fees for your area.
- Unless you like to spend a lot of time in the dental chair, be sure your dentist's equipment is up to date.








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