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Frugal Living, Thrift, and Saving Money


Decorating Basics


Decorating with Color: Decorating Basics  How to decorate with color and use color in a frugal way that will keep your decor updated.

Color Fatigue and Money  An explanation of color fatigue, and how it can cost you money.  Also included is a tip to control it.

Decorating Color Schemes: Frugal Color Choices.  How to make frugal choices colors and choose finishes for your home that will last. 

Formal Decorating

How to Decorate Formal Rooms  Advice on how to bring a degree of formality to a decorating scheme.


Front Door Personality The importance of the front door of your home to your curb appeal and as a reflection of your personality.

Improving Your Front Door  How to improve the appearance of your front door and the entrance to your house.


Decorating with Pattern: Design Basics  Choosing Patterns for Your Home. How to mix and match fabric with pattern in your home.  

Pattern Perfect  Frugal decorating and the use of different fabric prints in one room.


Using Toile in Interior Design  The origin of toile and how this fabric is used decorating rooms.


Design Basics: Rhythm and Serenity   The feeling of comfort that rhythm brings to our lives in nature, and in the design in our homes.

Rhythm and Interior Design   The importance of rhythm in interior decorating.


Decorating with Texture   How adding a touch of texture to your room makes it more interesting.

What is so Great about Texture? Interior Design Basics   Some examples of texture and what it can do for your home.


How to Make Decorating Decisions  Advice to help you decorate your home with items that you like and that will last.





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