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Frugal Living, Thrift, and Saving Money


Decorating with Furniture

Buying Furniture

Buying Frugal Furniture - How to make smart furniture buying decisions on a budget.

Frugal Furniture Finds - How to use older furniture when decorating your home.

How to Choose Wood Furniture - The advantages of solid wood furniture and how to check the quality of veneer and plywood wood furniture.

Leather Sofas: Love, Like or Lose? The advantages and disadvantages of leather sofas.

Thrift Store Furniture: How to Choose Good, Frugal Used Furniture - How to find the best frugal furniture buys at thrift stores.


Furniture Arrangement

How to Arrange Furniture - The design rules for furniture arrangement.

Rearrange Your Furniture and Save Money - Tips to save money and make your home more comfortable.


"Pass it Down" Furniture Savings - How to save money choosing furniture pieces that will serve you in several areas of your home.





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