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Decorating Your Rooms


Budget Bathroom Decorating   Frugal bathroom decorating ideas.

Forget the Bathroom....Save My Bank Account! Putting bathroom remodeling into perspective and some budget tips.


Frugal Teenage Bedroom Decorating   How to frugally help your teenager decorate their bedroom.

Inexpensive Bedroom Decor  How to achieve a decorating look in your bedroom by using the linens from bedding sets in room accessories.

You and Your Headboard: Frugal Headboard Solutions   Ideas to make frugal headboards for beds.
Fixing up Old Cupboards: How to Bring Character and Charm to Old Cupboards How to economically give warmth and character to a dated kitchen.

Frugal Kitchen Personality  How to frugally bring character and personality to your kitchen.


You and Your Porch    Frugal tips to decorate your front porch so that it is an inviting and comfortable space.


Grumbling About Granite: Not Frugal and Not Missed!   Some of the expenses and high maintenance issues with granite.

Room Divider Decor  How to save money using room dividers.





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