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Tightwad Tidbits for Frugal Living  

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Eating Out

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Frugal people do not eat out very much.  It just costs too much money.

Do not overeat just because someone puts a large plate of food in front of you.  Ask for a container and take half of it home.  You may also be able to order one meal and split it with you spouse or your children.

When you do eat out, remember not to abandon your goals of thrift and saving money just because you don't eat out often.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to help save money when eating out.


- Eat out for lunch instead of dinner.  It is cheaper.
- Always use a coupon.
- Choose restaurants with reasonable prices.
- Cut back the amount of times you eat out slowly each month.
- Taking a cooking class and become motivated to cook more at home.
- Learn to make leftovers into quick, new meals.
- Join with friends and make meals together to last several weeks or do batch cooking at
  home for quick dinners.







Tightwad Tidbits

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