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Save money exercising by multi-tasking.  Housework is exercise.  Washing down your walls is good exercise for your arms.  Going up and down stairs is good for your legs.  Bending over and picking up items on the floor, kneading bread, dusting, and many of the other chores around the house exercise our muscles and are good for our hearts and weight control.

If you want to buy exercise equipment, look for inexpensive items on Craig's list.  Many people buy exercise equipment, but few use it with regularity and many are eager to sell it. You can also use household items like canned goods as hand weights. 


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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some more frugal tips to help you exercise.


- Walking is a great, free exercise.
- Canned food or soda bottles make great weights.
- If you do want to buy a piece of exercise equipment, buy one that folds up and does not get in your way.  A rowing machine is a good choice.
- Be careful of over-sold and under-used gym memberships.  They are not thrift friendly.
- Make a short-term commitment by joining an exercise class in your community. You can find them in the school district, at churches, etc.  Make a long-term, more expensive decision when you are sure it is something you both can afford and will continue to do.






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