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Eye Glasses

eye glasses


Save money on eye glasses by purchasing them at a store like Costco. Walmart also has good prices, but you have to be careful when you order glasses.  Not all eye glasses are created equal, and difficult prescriptions need skill and expertise.  Check the reputation of any store where you plan to buy glasses. 

Make sure the store where you purchase you glasses honors the warranty of the glasses.  If the frame of your glasses falls apart after one week, it is a manufacturer's defect.  Costco will refund the money, but when it happened to me, Sears told me I should have purchased the "extended warrant."  I will never buy glasses from Sears again.

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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some frugal tips to save money on eye glasses.

- Eye glasses come in different sizes, even for adults.  Knowing your size makes selection a lot easier and they will look better on you.
- Bring a friend with you or ask for help choosing eye glasses.  If your vision is poor, it can be difficult to see yourself well enough to tell if you like them.
- Some glasses come with snap on sun shades.  These are very convenient and save money on prescription sunglasses or other protective eye shades.







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