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Food: Bulk

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Save money on food buying it in bulk.  It is usually thrift friendly to buy items in larger quantities, and then divide it up.  If you have a freezer, make good use of it. Frozen items are easily divided.  Canned goods can be put on pantry shelves or under beds.  Bread and other grain products will come out of the freezer as fresh as they went in.

Another option is to shop with a friend, and divide things up when you get home.


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Frugal footnotes:

Here are some more frugal tips to save money buying food in bulk.


- Join a food warehouse, like Costco.
- Stock up on sale items each week.  Even a few each week adds up.
- Buy bulk food online.
- Use areas, such as under the beds, to store backup pantry items if necessary.
- Know what you have, and rotate it to avoid waste.
- Buy what you eat, and eat what you store.








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