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Frugal Living, Thrift, and Saving Money




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Save money on car expenses. Frugal articles and tips to save money buying and selling cars,  on gas,  purchasing automobile insurance, vehicle maintenance and more.


Beauty and Clothing


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Save money building a versatile wardrobe.  Articles and tips to save money buying what looks good on you, your colors and your style.  Learn when it saves money to alter clothing. Frugal tips for makeup and hair care.


Children and Babies


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Save money raising those precious little bundles you bring home from the hospital.   Articles and tips to save money on activities as children grow, frugal birthday parties, frugal gifts for teachers and more.


Cleaning and Clutter


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Save money cleaning your home and keeping it free from clutter.  Frugal homemade recipes for cleaning and laundry products.  Articles and tips to make cleaning, laundry and organizing your home both frugal, faster, and easier.




Monarch Butterfly


Save money using clipart. Free frugal clipart for your personal use. Clipart for use in scrapbooks, journals and more.




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Lots of frugal decorating help to save money. Learn basic frugal design principles, identify your style, and find bargains. Save money on frugal seasonal decorating, furniture, walls, window and more.


Healthy Living


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How to save money staying healthy, including saving money on medications and dealing with stress.  Lots of articles and tips for frugal  ways to lose weight also.



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How to save money on hobbies, including quilting and sewing.  Frugal articles on how to save money doing family research,  scrapbooking and more.




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How to save money celebrating all the major holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter and more.  Ideas for frugal gift giving and frugal Halloween Costumes.


Home Ownership


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How to save money owning a home, including how to save money buying a house, frugal home staging and selling a home. Frugal articles and tips to save money updating the inside and outside of your home.


Jobs and Ebay


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Frugal articles and tips to make money.  Tips for garage sales and how to be a better seller and make more money selling on Ebay.


Kitchen and Cooking


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Frugal articles and tips save money and time cooking.  Frugal food shopping help, and how to save money with leftovers. Frugal ways to make food taste better.


Money Management


Piggy Bank


How to budget money, and how to save money.  Frugal steps to accumulate savings. Steps to avoid fraud. The importance of frugal living and how to motivate yourself to live frugal and save money.





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Frugal easy recipes for simple cooking.  Save money making classic, nutritious recipes for your family.  Learn to cut your food budget with these great frugal recipes.


Recycling, Green Living & Utilities


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Frugal articles and tips to recycle household items to save money. Tips to save money livinga frugal green lifestyle and to save money on your household utility costs.




shopping woman


Save lots of money with these frugal shopping articles and tips.  Learn how to control impulse spending. Shop the seasonal sales to save money.  Save money with smart color choices. Save money with wise and frugal shopping.



Simple Living


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Articles and tips for simple living.  How frugal living leads to simple living. The tricks of simple living households the the joy of frugal, simple living luxuries.



Vacations and Camping


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Frugal articles and frugal tips to save money on vacations.  Tips to make camping even more frugal and enjoyable, including recipes and activities.