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Frugal Baby Shower Tips

Baby Baskets

Check out the supermarkets in addition to The Dollar Store for small items like pacifiers, spoons, cups and bibs.


Make a cake or have a few people bring finger food. Check out the dollar store for paper cups, plates and napkins.

Games and Activities

Keep them short and simple.  Have some soft music in the background, and get some conversation going.


Don't be afraid to give practical gifts. Diapers, lotions, and baby detergents are all appreciated. Small scrapbooks for baby  pictures can be used to send to family members.

If money is very tight, think about giving a booklet of certificates for baby sitting services or other help. Make a booklet with your certificates and add some coupons for baby products. You can also give her a calendar with the dates and times you will come over and help.

One of my favorite gifts for a newborn is a scrapbook with pictures of everything that was going on in the world when the baby was born. It also makes a good shower activity.


Don't go it alone when planning a baby shower. Have at least one other person help with the planning and making the refreshments.


Check out the Dollar Store or print them from your computer. Even better, send them out by email.  If you get everyone's email addresses, be sure and send at least one reminder of the date and time of the shower. 





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