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Frugal Beauty Tips

Eye Glasses

Always use something soft to clean your glasses, like old t-shirt fabric. You can make a homemade cleaner by putting together equal amounts of rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water.


Don't spend money on commercial mouthwash. Just gargle with a little salt in warm water.  Warm salt water is also good for preventing sore throats.

Nail Polish

Have some nail polish that has gotten old and hard? Tempted to throw it away? Try putting it in a pan of boiling water. It should loosen it, and you can shake it smooth again.


Razors, being made of metal, will rust in time. If you want your blade to last longer, be sure that you store it dry. Wipe it off after using it, and put it in the cabinet to protect it as much as possible from the dampness of the bathroom.


There are many over-the-counter products that whiten teeth.  Professional teeth whitening is expensive, and often makes your teeth hurt. 

 Using It Up

Always turn the almost empty containers of lotions upside down. Place them in a vase or any other container that will hold them. There is always a lot of products left on the sides of seemingly empty containers.  


Here is a homemade alternative to buying a retail product to remove warts. If they are on a part of your body that doesn't show, try duct tape. It may take several weeks, but so do commercial preparations.


Sleeping with a humidifier at night will keep your skin moist and help keep wrinkles from forming.





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