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Frugal Birthday Tips


After every major holiday there will be clearance.  Looks for candy (that can be frozen) and small items to use as favors or part of a "goodie bag."


You don't have to bring in clowns or hire expensive play equipment for kids to have a good time.  Everyone will have a good time if you choose age appropriate games and are well prepared.


Kids love to see their name in print.  It makes them feel welcome. Write  the names of the children at the party on as many items as possible, such as goodie bags and place settings.  Try and do it in a fun, whimsical way.


Have another adult in charge of pictures, if possible.  If you try and do it yourself, on top of everything else, you will miss a lot of good shots.  Also, you should have another adult if you are responsible for a group of children.  Perhaps one of the other moms can help you out on the day of the party, and you can return the favor for her child.


Check the after Christmas sales for items that your children can give to other children during the year. 


Do check with a party store, especially if you are having a themed party. They have a greater selection of balloons and other party items.  A few special items can go a long way.  Buy the bulk of your supplies at The Dollar Store or a more economical store like Walmart.


Themes can be a lot of fun, especially if you are creative and apply them to the games, the cake, and even the favors.  Remember that color is the least expensive way to make a big statement.  For instance, if you were doing a Spiderman Theme for your party, you could cover the front door with blue and red paper, and a small poster.  That would immediately set the theme for a small amount of money.





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