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Frugal Budget Recipe Tips


Barbecue Sauce

Don't spend money on barbecue sauce when it is easy to make flavored mixes with ingredients you already have.   You can get a lot of flavor from ketchup with some added fruit juice.

Brownies and Cakes

It is usually more economical to use packaged mixes when you make things like cakes and brownies. You can always add your own touches to make them special. For instance, one very decadent way to make brownies is to frost them twice- first with a mint flavored frosting and then with chocolate. Use a flavored water or club soda in place of the liquid to change the taste of the cake. The more water you add to brownie mix, the more cake-like the brownies. If you want them to be more like fudge, add a tablespoon of corn syrup. Stock up on cake and brownie mixes when they go on sale, and then be creative.


If a recipe calls for a can of chicken or beef broth, make your own with bouillon cubes.


Unless you are making something that is suppose to taste very rich, substitute margarine for the butter.

Creamed Soups

Most creamed soups can be substituted in recipes.  Substitute what you have or is on sale, such as cream celery, cream of mushroom, or cream of chicken.


Only use 1/2 of the meat called for in the recipe, or use a cheaper cut.


If a recipe calls for milk, dilute it half and half with water, or use powdered milk.

Store Brands

Sometimes a recipe will call for a specific product made by a big name company.  Substitute store brands.


Use imitation vanilla







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