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Frugal Budgeting Tips



Work as a team.  No one should have to carry the responsibility for the finances by themselves.

Cut Expenses

Run your household finances like a business.  Try and slash expenses 10% across the board. 


Make your first priority to get out of debt. Use the snowball system for maximum motivation.  Do everything you can to pay off your smallest debt first, and then roll that money over into paying off the next highest debt.  Keep going until all your debt is gone.

Debit Cards

Get in the habit of using debit cards instead of credit cards.  Cut up all your credit cards except one for emergencies.


Use cash for your expenditures when possible.  Statistically you will spend less money using cash.  Put your money in envelopes for each expense.  Don't rob Peter to pay Paul.  When the money is gone, find a way to "do without."


If necessary, supplement your income by making extra money with part-time jobs or selling items on Craig's list or ebay.

Piggy Banks

Put all your pocket change at the end of the day in a piggy bank.  Use it as an emergency fund.


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  Every dollar needs a name.

Reduce Expenses

If you have some big bills, such as a large car payment, think seriously about getting rid of that car, even at a loss.  Buy a transportation vehicle until you can afford an upgrade.  You will get out of debt quicker.


Unless you save a little money each month, you will never be able to stay within your budget.  There are just too many unexpected expenses that you must be prepared to cover.

Write it Down

You will never face your expenses if you aren't honest with yourself.  Go through your records for the last 3 months, and write down all expenditures.  Most people are surprised by their expenses.





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