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Frugal Cake Tips



Lay a wet towel on top of the cooling racks to loosen the cake.


Use a paper doily on top of the cake and sprinkle powdered sugar over it for a quick decorative topping.


Flavor homemade chocolate cakes with cocoa instead of baker's chocolate to save money.


Use a comb to make a decorative swirl design.  For chocolate cakes, use two layers of frosting; first mint frosting and then and chocolate frosting.  For a quick frosting, place chocolate chips on top or warm cake, and when melted, spread.


To make a gourmet cake, make a layer cake, and then cut both the bottom and top layer in half horizontally and frost between layers.

Greasing and Dusting Pan

Use leftover paper from empty margarine cubes to grease the pans, and if the cake is dark, and if you are using a mix, use some of it instead of flour to dust the pans.


Substitute or add extra ingredients for more flavor.  Add 1/4 cup applesauce in place of one egg.


Boxed mixes can be made more flavorful by substituting some of the ingredients, or adding new ingredients.  Use a flavored water or club soda in place of the water to change the taste of the cake.


If you don't have a toothpick to stick in your cake to see if it is done, use a piece of spaghetti. 


Use lifesavers as a decorative accent to hold candles in place on a cake and catch any wax drops.






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