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Frugal Camping Tips



Save all the small packages of salt and condiments when you go out to eat. They come in really handy on a camping trip.


Cots take up very little room.  They come apart, and are easily carried on your pack with your sleeping bag.  You will find you will be much more comfortable and warm sleeping on a cot instead of the ground, even with a mat.

Star Gazing

We get so busy with our lives, we tend to look down, and not up. Yet looking up can be an incredibly insightful and spiritual experience. Even if you are not campers, pick a night when the weather is clear, and go somewhere away from the city lights where you can look up and see the stars. It's a shame we can't see them in the city. They are magnificent. Let you children see the beauty of a star filled sky.

Keep in mind that most popular camping spots book spots up to a year in advance.  They are not expensive, but you do need a reservation.

State Parks

If you want a real camping experience, hike into a campground instead of staying at a state park.  State parks have campers and RV's.  The amenities may be nice, but there can be a lot of noise from AC units and other campers.


Need wood for a camping trip? Try your local lumberyard. They often have broken pallets or end pieces that they don't need. You can bring them home and break them up for outside firewood. Just be sure you don't burn wood with preservatives inside your home.





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