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Frugal Candy Tips


Easy Recipes

No-fail recipes for candy are those that use ingredients that are already cooked, like chocolate chips and marshmallow cream.

Freezing Candy 

Candy freezes well.  Freeze leftover Halloween candy, or buy it on sale after Halloween and other holidays and use it for parties.


If you are making candy from boiling sugar, always cover the pot, so the sides of the pot will keep wet and keep the sugar off the sides of the pot.  One "uncooked" sugar granule can cause a chain reaction and ruin a batch of fudge.  Running a little water down the sides of the pan at the beginning of the cooking process, can help keep them moist so sugar won't get trapped on them. Just wipe the top of the sides lightly with a brush and let the water drip down.

Pot Size

Use the right size pot so the mixture doesn't boil over or cook too quickly. 


Be aware that making candy is a science, not an art.  You are breaking down the sugar and then causing it to crystallize again.  It must be done in a specific way, at a specific temperature, and under ideal conditions.  Don't get discouraged if your first batch comes out tasting like the Arizona desert. (Yes, I lived in AZ when I was first married.  This is how someone described my first batch).   It takes time and skill to make candy from scratch.  Don't be hard on yourself if you have to use one of the "no-fail" recipes.  It is still less expensive then store bought.


Candy is usually not stirred while it is boiling.  This can cause it to crystallize and become grainy.

Stopping Crystallization

You can add a little bit of an acidic product to try and stop your sugar from crystallizing.  These would include cream of tartar, lemon juice, or vinegar.


The most inexpensive method to make candy is with granulated sugar, using a candy thermometer.  With this method you boil the sugar until it reaches a specified temperature. While this may be the most economical, it is also the hardest.


Always use a candy thermometer when making candy from granulated sugar.  Follow the instructions precisely.


Your candy may fail for no other reason than there is too much humidity in the air. 






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