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Frugal Living, Thrift, and Saving Money

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Clipart Tips

Mickey Mouse

Activity Books - Create your own activity books, story books, or coloring books.

Calendars - Make pretty calendars with the clipart.  Put birthdays of family members on your calendars and give them as presents.

Greeting Cards - Use them to make your own greeting cards.

Lists - Make your lists more attractive by adding a picture.  This is good for "Honey-do" lists.

Fabric - Apply the images to fabric with computer photo transfer paper, and add to t-shirts, quilt labels, etc.

Mailing Labels - Use them on mailing labels.

Scrapbooking - Print the pictures, cut them out, and use them in your scrapbook layouts.

Stationary - Make your own stationary.

Web pages - Add to web pages and blogs.






Tightwad Tidbits

piggy bank

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The Frugal Library

Frugal Reading



Resources for Frugal Living


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Be warm, be safe;  save time and money.