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Frugal Clothes Buying Tips


End of the Year Sales

The end of the year is the time to be sure and go to your favorite thrift store. Many people clean out their closets at the end of the year and make donations for the tax write off. Clothing, and other items, should be processed and in the stores.

Fiber Content

Be sure to check the content of the fabric on the clothing you buy. If your garment has to be sent to the dry cleaner, every time you have that garment cleaned, you are paying for it again and again. Some items that say they need to be sent to the dry cleaner can be washed by hand, and then laid out to dry, or you may be able to use a home dry cleaning kit.


Take the hangers home with you, if possible, and recycle the hangers for your personal use.  If there are clips on the hanger, use a metal saw to free them and use them to hold items together or close food bags like potato chips or cookies.


Clothing made for girls is less expensive. If you can find clothing that fits you, and looks age appropriate, this is also a good place to check. Even if you can't wear the clothing, you may be able to buy shoes.


You can save a lot of money buying clothes second hand, or new on ebay. However, you won't be saving money if they don't fit.  The key is knowing the designers of the clothing, and how they size their clothing. Size 10 made by one designer may be the same as Size 12 by another designer. The only way to deal with this is to try on different brands of clothing in the store and make sizing notes. Then you can find some good deals online or at yard sales, and buy with confidence.

Unisex Clothing

Clothing for men costs less than the same clothing for women. Many clothes can be unisex, such as sweats, flannel shirts and shoes. Don't be afraid to wonder over to the other side of the aisle when shopping for these items.

Seasonal Sales

The best time to buy clothing on sale for the next year is at season's end. This is when most stores are clearing out the last of their winter clothing and the merchandise is heavily discounted. You will find sales for children before the new school year, but the deepest discounts will be at the end of the school year.


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