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Frugal Clutter Tips

Household Items



Ikea has some great boxes to store magazines. These are great if you magazines are going to be displayed. However, if you are going to keep them in a closet, you may want to think about just using a cereal box. Just take the top off one end, and cut the front of the box about 1/3 of the way down. You can also cut the sides lower - slanting the cut from the low front to the upper back. A lot of people cover them with contact paper- but I would do a cost comparison with the ready made wooden boxes first. Contact paper can be expensive.

Men's Organizers

I don't know why...but men's items are usually priced lower, whether it is clothing or hobby equipment. When you need storage for small items, look in the sporting section for bait and tackle boxes and other items predominantly used for storing items used by men. You may find something that works for you at a much cheaper price than in places like the sewing or jewelry section.


Some of the cheaper storage solutions are over the door shoe holders (which can be used in any room, for any purpose), and the canvas type shoe holders which have Velcro around the top and can be used on a closet rod or any other type of pole.

Paint Cans

We see many kinds of containers in the stores today to help organize our homes and possessions. However, there are many ways to organize your home more economically. One idea is to go to your local hardware store, and pick up paint cans. They do not cost much. Your can store a lot of different things in paint cans. They can store everything from jig-saw puzzle pieces to fabric scraps. You can use them as a portable ice bucket, or as the container for a gift assortment. They have an advantage over baskets, in that they are stronger, seal tightly, and the hard surface allows you to decorate them in a variety of ways.


If the storage space is limited in your home, and you need to pack things away and put them in damp or in other ways undesirable areas, think about putting a few dryer sheets in with your items. This will hold down the mold and mildew. However, if you are storing clothes, be sure to include moth balls.

Visible Storage

You can save a lot of money by storing items where you can find them. How many times have you purchased something only to find you already had what you needed- which may or may not still be useable. Make good use of all the closets in your home. If they are dark, paint the inside white. It will be much easier to see everything you have inside them. You can also buy battery operated lights for the interior. We have a couple of them. You just push them on and off, and it illuminates the interior.

Under the Bed

You can find a variety of plastic storage containers that are designed to slide under a bad.  If you have access to some old wood drawers and wheels, you can even make something that will work yourself.  The advantage to the plastic drawers is that they are covered.


If you want your children to be neat and tidy, you have to make it easy for them. When they pick up toys, you need bins or boxes that they can easily throw their "stuff" in. Another thing they will do is to hang up things if the pegs are easily accessible. Think about putting up a high chair rail in their room. You can attach hooks or pegs, and then they can hang up bathrobes and other items that they would otherwise leave on the floor.


Storage Lockers

Be careful about renting a storage space/locker. Most of the time, it is a waste of money. Sometimes you have items you really want to keep, but just don't have the space. However, most of the items you store could probably be replaced with new items with the money it costs to store them.


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