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Frugal Cookie Tips



Use the butter left on the paper from cubes of butter instead of shortening.


Flatten sugar cookies with objects that make a decorate design, like an empty thread spool.

Fast Cookies

Start with a cake mix

Gourmet Cookies

Make them larger.  Use real ingredients, such as real butter and vanilla, and when you add chocolate, use chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips.

Healthy Cookies

Replace some of the white flour with wheat flour, oat flour, or any other whole grain flour.  Use 1/4 cup applesauce for one of the eggs.

Rolling out cookies

Use the liner from a cereal box instead of wax paper.


To make perfectly round cookies of a consistent size, make your batter and push it into an empty frozen orange juice can.  Refrigerate overnight, and then push the batter slowly out of the can while you slice it for cookies.


To save money, use margarine instead of butter, and imitation vanilla flavoring instead of vanilla extract.


Add a few drops a food coloring to granulated sugar.





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