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Frugal Crockpot Tips



If you are cooking something very messy, think about using a food liner.  You might damage the inside of the slow cooker if you have to scrub too hard.


Defrost your food in the refrigerator before putting it in the slow cooker to save time and energy, and for safety reasons.


The slow cooker works well for less expensive cuts of meat that need to be cooked a long time.


Never refrigerate food in the slow cooker.  The insulated slow cooker will not cool down the food quickly enough. Never fill the slow cooker higher then 2/3 full or the food will not cook properly.


The low temperature of a slow cooker is around 200 degrees.  The high temperature is around 300 degrees.  Two hours cooking on low heat is equivalent to one hour on high heat.


Use the high setting to bring the temperature up to 140 degrees, and then turn it down to low.  Avoid opening the lid during cooking, as the temperature will drop and it will take a long time to bring it back up. 


Layer the vegetables on the bottom of the slow cooker for faster cooking.





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