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Frugal Decorating Styles Tips


Art Deco

Accessories - Mirrors, glass vases, anything shiny.

Colors - Lots of silver, black and green.

Shapes - Uses a lot of geometric shapes and curved surfaces.

Cottage Style

Accessories - Homemade items look best, such as needlecraft and quilts.  Pictures are usually botanical prints.

Colors - Lots of white.  Bold, cheerful colors, and lots of floral prints.

Floors -  Wood with area rugs.

Furniture - This is an eclectic style.  You can use pieces from all the periods. The feeling needs to be casual and comfortable, as opposed to formal and stiff. Wicker is cottage style.  Woods are lighter, and similar to country style.

Walls - Wallpaper is popular as well as stenciling, on both the walls and on furniture.

Country Style

Accessories - Pottery, baskets, homemade crafts, braided rugs, sconces, candles, anything from nature.  Fabric is a natural fiber, like cotton or wool, and stripes and checks are popular.

Colors - Tend to be muted, like the colors produced by our ancestors.  No shiny fabrics.

Floors - Wood with area rugs.

Furniture - Lots of wood furniture in casual wood tones with lots of grain and rustic appeal.

Feng Shui

See Feng Shui Decorating Tips

French Country

Accessories - Ironwork, roosters, herbs hung from the ceiling.

Colors - Blue and yellow, reds,  greens, and gold.

Furniture - Lots of wood, weathered and crackled, and upholstery with checks and toile. Lots of trim work fabric items in the way of tassels and beads.

Shapes - Elegant curved lines.


Italian and Tuscan

Accessories - Pictures of the lush countryside, tapestries, marble, stone, terracotta, ironwork, pottery

Colors - Warm earthy colors like yellow and gold, oranges and terra cotta, greens, browns, and deep red.

Furniture - Wood, leather and chrome.

Shapes - Rounded and arches, soft curves.


Accessories - Lots of texture, water features, and other feng shui elements.

Colors - Light neutrals

Furniture - Bamboo, wood, stone and metal

ShapesHorizontal lines


Shabby Chic

Accessories - Delicate accessories of varied materials, such as pewter, wicker, ceramics, iron, glass and wood.

Colors - Soft pastels with floral fabrics.

FurnitureThings that are old or look old but have stood the test of time.

ShapesStraight and curved, but worn with no hard edges.


AccessoriesLace or velvet drapes, elaborate trim on drapes and pillows, marble table tops, sconces, oil paintings in gilded frames, candle holders, doilies, crystal, and frilly items.

Colors - Rich Jewel tones, such as burgundy and purple, as well as greens, and lighter shades of pink like mauve. 

Furniture - Ornate carved dark wood furniture with upholstered seats with velvet, brocade or embroidered fabrics.

ShapesLots of curves


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